Florian Gisdon

Structural Biology/Bioinformatics
Universität Bayreuth
Universitätstr. 30, BGI
Gebäude B14
95447 Bayreuth

Telephone: +49-921-55-3546
Fax: +49-921-55-3544
E-mail: Florian.Gisdon@uni-bayreuth.de

Research and Objectives

My interests lie in the computational investigation of proteolytic enzyme mechanisms. Currently I focus on biological systems containing cysteine and serine proteases. Due to their ubiquitous distribution and key roles in many essential pathways (e.g. trigger in the cell cycle or apoptosis, defense of pathogens) it would be interesting to understand the subtile differences of those enzymes, causing plenty various functions. Beside approaches of the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular machanics, also continuum electrostatics is used to explore the systems.